Recanati città dell'Infinito

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Lorenzo Lotto in Recanati

  1. Agostino da Regensburg, friar prior of the convent of S. Domenico with friar master Giovan Domenico (theologian) and the mayor of the convent Gaspare di Giannino are the clients of the Polyptych of S. Domenico of Recanati
  2. Alessandro Mencioni, prior of the church of S. Maria di Castelnuovo and commissioner of the Transfiguration of Christ as shown by archive documents from 1507
  3. Sigismondo Gonzaga, papal legate in the Marche between 1508 and 1514 and Lotto’s client
  4. Bramante, papal architect working in Loreto, was perhaps the one who introduced Lotto for the work in the Vatican Rooms
  5. Julius II. Lotto worked in the Vatican Rooms at the time of Julius II and in the presence of Raphael and was paid for this in 1509
  6. Raphael – They worked together in the Vatican Rooms but Julius II in entrusted all the work to Raphael, obscuring the wall paintings already done by various artists including Lorenzo Lotto
  7. Teseo de Cuppis, bishop – He has been the bishop of Recanati and Macerata since 1507 in the years in which Lotto executed the Polyptych of San Domenico. Perhaps he is portrayed in the polyptych as San Flaviano, the first bishop of Recanati
  8. Polini, family of goldsmiths active in Recanati, creation and trade of paternosters and votive images of the Madonna of Loreto, linked by friendship and professional ties with Lorenzo Lotto: Pier Francesco Polini promises to finance the Polyptych of S. Domenico; his sons Girolamo and Giuliano will be in contact with Lorenzo Lotto in the 1530s and 1540s
  9. Vincinguerra Gigli, merchant of pater noster with whom Lotto was in contact in the 1930s and indicated as the commissioner of the San Cristoforo whit saints Sebastiano and Rocco of the Basilica of the Holy House of Loreto
  10. Marchetti, family of merchants from Bergamo, linked by friendship and professional ties with Lorenzo Lotto, involved in the altarpiece of S. Lucia di Jesi
  11. Cassotti, a family of merchants from Bergamo, linked by friendship and professional ties with Lorenzo Lotto
  12. Giovanni di maestro Francesco del Coro, architect and wood master, linked by friendship and professional bonds with Lorenzo Lotto from 1534 to his death at the beginning of 1553. Author of the wooden carpentry for the altarpiece of the Halberd of Ancona (1538, lost)
  13. Nicolò Peranzone, Montecassiano
  14. Iohannes Hispanus, painter active in Montecassiano
  15. Giovan Cristoforo Romano, sculptor active in the Loreto construction sit
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