Recanati città dell'Infinito

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Via Leopardi – 62019 Recanati (MC)
T. 071 7570410 |



The IAT Tourist information centre is both modern and innovative at the same time. In addition to welcoming and informing visitors about the cultural events of Recanati, the province of Macerata and the entire Marche region, it provides ticket purchase to all the museums and sites of interest, booking of tourist packages, tour guides and organized itineraries.

Local products, both handicraft, food and wine are also on sale and a wide range of books and publications, including both cultural and hiking tourism, are also available.

It also offers support to the visitor on tourist accommodation, cultural, social and sport activities, shopping and local specialties.

The adjacent former church of San Pietrino, which belonged to the Confraternita degli Orti, hosts an immersive room with multimedia images that show the town’s landmarks and the beauty of its territory.

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