Recanati città dell'Infinito

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Via Cavour – 62019 Recanati (MC)
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The Beniamino Gigli Museum, dedicated to the great internationally renowned tenor from Recanati, is located inside the Sala dei Trenta of the Persiani Theatre, on the level of the third tier of boxes.

The setting up was possible thanks to the generous donation made by the  heirs of the Gigli’s family and in particular his daughter Rina, who made available lots of stage costumes, objects, memorabilia, photographs, letters and documents belonging to the tenor. The architect Ferrari Gabbris with the precious collaboration of Maestro Luigi Vincenzoni, the tenor’s nephew, masterfully curated it. A faithful reconstruction of the tenor’s dressing room with the Official Proclamation “Beniamino Gigli Day”, he was honored at the Metropolitan in New York on 8 October 1997, the photo with the original inscription by Maestro Arturo Toscanini and other important documents are worth to be seen.

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