Recanati città dell'Infinito

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MUREC (Museo di Recanati)

Piazza Giacomo Leopardi – 62019 Recanati (MC)
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The town civic tower “Torre Del Borgo” probably built in 1160 as a symbol of the fusion of three castles that dominated the hill of Recanati, underwent restoration works in the upper part in 1322, following a fire that had also damaged the adjacent Palazzo dei Priori. The Palazzo with its façade, rebuilt at a different location in 1467, the renovation of Piazza Giacomo Leopardi and the reconstruction of the Town Hall gave a new image to the city of Recanati. Consequently, the imposing tower looks now as a single building, separated from the rest of the buildings.

It is a square-plan tower with a height of 36 meters and it has been the seat of the Museum of Recanati (MUREC) since 2016. Through a digital journey, including touch screens, photos and news about the city, the visitor will get to know everything about the history of Recanati, from its origins to the 20th century and its illustrious figures.

The tower has seven levels and all the rooms inside are connected to each other by a steep flight of stairs that takes in light from the arrow-slit windows. On the second floor, there is a space with site-specific contemporary art installations called LIVEllo2, curated by Nikla Cingolani.

It has a panoramic rooftop bordered by Ghibelline battlements on protruding corbels. On its external walls, the rampant lion on the north side is by Jacopo Sansovino while on the east side you can see the coat of arms and the plaque of the city of Fermo in memory of the great friendship with the city of Recanati. We can then observe the bronze bas-relief by Pier Paolo Jacometti depicting the Translation of the Holy House of Loreto (1634), a clock whose white stone dial dates back to 1562 and the plaque to the fallen by Guido Cirilli (1923).

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