Recanati città dell'Infinito

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Via Cavour (c/o Teatro Persiani) – 62019 Recanati (MC)
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The MUM, Recanati Music Museum focuses on the close connection between this territory and the world of sound and music.

A rich display of instruments of local production that have made the history of old and contemporary music in Italy and around the world is worth a visit. Set up in a space adjacent to the Persiani Theater and the Beniamino Gigli Museum, the museum is the result of an agreement between the Municipality of Recanati and the Marche Region, and its creation was made possible thanks to the European Funds and the Art Bonus to which the Recanati companies that are partners of the project have joined.

The companies Fbt, Fatar, Castagnari, Eko and Gruppo Pigini were crucial for their contribution. They provided all the materials essential to the exhibition, like artefacts and objects that make the visitor understand the real connection that music has at different levels in the local society

Between tradition and innovation, the Recanati Music Museum pays tribute to the figure of the tenor Beniamino Gigli, the famous citizen of Recanati with the Gigli Opera festival and the great musical reality of the area, Musicultura, a highlight music event in Italy.

The result is a guided tour that leads the visitor inside a musical instrument, representing the city itself, with typical walls of an instrument sound box together with sounds and scenography settings capable of capturing attention through videos, consultation stations and “technical teaching material”. A big area dedicated to educational workshops and listening to music together with an innovative room are of great importance for a museum that bears this name.

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